Terms of Conditions

Registering and payment
You can register by completing the register form. After we have received your application, we will send you a confirmation and your bill. Your application is definite when the first payment is made. 25% of the total sum has to be in our account within two weeks after receiving your bill. The remaining sum should be in our account before June 1st 2020. When you register after June 1st 2020, the whole sum has to be transferred in one transaction.

You can only cancel in writing. When cancelling, ProCamp will pay you:
*up to 12 weeks before departure 75% of the camp fee.
*up to 8 weeks before departure 50% of the camp fee.
*up to 4 weeks before departure 25% of the camp fee.
When you cancel less than four weeks before departure, there is no right of compensation. In case of cancelling, the participant has the right to allow someone else to fill his place at the camp. There will then be charged a €25,- administration fee. We advise you to take a cancellation insurance so you can receive the difference.


When ProCamp is unable to live up to one or more of its obligations as agreed in the agreement, ProCamp is justified to offer an equal alternative. This might be the case when there are insufficient (less than 36) participants for a certain camp. ProCamp will in that case notify the participant at least 10 days in advance. Of course you will get a complete refund in that case.

Instructions and behavioral rules
The participant is obligated to obey all reasonable instructions from the ProCamp staff. They also have to accept the behavioral rules of the ProCamp football camp.


During a sportive holiday it is not allowed to smoke or drink alcohol, tobacco or drugs during the stay at a ProCamp camp. Disobeying this rule will result in removal from the camp. We thank you for understanding.

The participant or his/her legal representative will be liable for the direct or indirect damage caused to ProCamp and/or a third party as a direct consequence – including disobeying the ProCamp rules or (given) instructions – of the participant. ProCamp is not liable for lost or damaged personal goods. At all times, the safekeeping of all personal belongings will be at the participant’s own risk. There will be lockers at most of the ProCamp camps. Found objects will be kept by ProCamp for three days. After that period, ProCamp will be justified to give the goods to the salvation army.

Use of medicine
If your child uses medication, please hand it over to the ProCamp staff at the start of the week, together with a precise schedule of when and how to take it. The staff will look after the appropriate use of the medicine. ProCamp is not responsible for medicine use when the medicine are not given to the staff at the start of the week.

Photos and videos
Photographs will be made at the camp on different occasions (training, animation etc.). Our son/daughter can be seen on this pictures. We will never publish photos and videos that are not 'okay'. Names will not be displayed either. If you do not want your son/daughter on photos and videos you can email us at info@procamp.nl or inform us at the start of your camp.


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